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Air Flow Amplifiers

Round Transvectors® use a small amount of filtered compressed air to deliver a large airflow for a wide range of conveying, ventilation, drying and cooling applications. The high-flow, bladeless blowers don’t require machine guards and are especially useful for removing metal chips and scrap, ventilating fumes or smoke, and conveying small parts, pellets, powders and dust.

As a vacuum or blowoff device, these air amplifiers are more compact and less expensive than variable-speed blowers and fans, provide instant on/off performance, and operate at low noise levels to meet OSHA requirements. Round Transvectors® are easily mounted and, with no moving parts to wear out or break, are virtually maintenance-free. Used in ducted and unducted applications, Round Transvectors® are available in several sizes, in both aluminum and stainless steel, and can deliver flow rates from 906 to 40186 SLPM. All stainless steel models are adjustable.

Transvectors wide range of applications include:

Convey any material that can be moved in an airflow including grain,

plastic pellets, sawdust, powder, capsules, metal chips, paper and cloth

trim, lint, dust, small parts, stamping scrap and lead shot.

Ventilate and exhaust welding, soldering and machine smoke,

auto exhaust, plating tank fumes and other gases. Cool, clean or dry molded parts, castings, food products, etc.

Weigh sort pharmaceuticals and other light materials.

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