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Nema 4X

Avoid any downtime, with the most affordable, reliable, and easiest to install thermal protection product available for electrical enclosures!Operates in environments up to 80°C.

Just as quiet as an air conditioner (about 62 dBA), the Vortex A/C noise level is 93% less than other conventional, vortex type cabinet coolers.When the thermostatically-controlled Vortex A/C is operating, the decibel level is about the same as normal human conversation!This next generation, Vortex Cooler features an integral mechanical thermostat to conserve energy and maintain enclosure temperatures within a range of 27° to 32°C. Requiring only a compressed air supply to operate, the UL listed Vortex A/C quickly installs in a 48mm hole to keep electrical control panels cool, clean and protected. All Models in NEMA 12 and NEMA 4/4X version (IP52 and IP56).