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When you require extra cooling in your micro-lubrication application,ITW Vortec now has the solution with its Micro-Lube Cold Air Gun, Model 606MLBSP.

In the special Micro-Lube Cold Air Gun a vortex tube converts normal compressed air into (hot air and) cold air with a temperature of –10 °C. The hot air is not used and vented. No refrigerants required and quite operation.

The micro-lubrication oil is fed in from the lubricator unit (not included) via aflexible tube and runs through the Micro-Lube Cold Air Gun and is, together with the cold air, blown out of the flexible nozzle onto the machining operation. Because of the extra cooling, the production speed and/or tool life can be increased and, depending on the operation, the surface quality of the material can be improved as well. The 606MLBSP Micro-Lube Cold Air Gun is mounted on a Magnetic Base and can be easily positioned where the micro-lubrication is required. If necessary, the Cold Air Gun can be screwed down directly, after the Magnetic Base has been removed.

The compressed air connection is via a ¼” BSP male nipple and a 3 mm flexible tube from the lubricator unit can be connected via a quick-connect coupling.