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Whether the installation is for cooling, cleaning, drying or parts movement, there’s an energy-saving Nozzle or Jet for your application.Various Nozzle models come in low or high thrust versions with threaded or pre-mounted configurations.


  • Permanently mounted on copper tubing
  • Can be bent , flared, soldered or used with compression fittings. Use 1204 if repeated bending is needed
  • Fixed thrust of 9 oz-f
  • Airstream size of ¼” at nozzle
  • Airstream size of 3 ¼” at 12” from nozzle

Technical specifications

Inlet Size Outside Diameter Thrust (Power) Air Concumption Weight
3/8" 9.5 mm 255 Gm at 305 mm 368 SLPM 49 g