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Our nozzle Models 1200BSP and 1200SS have fully adjustable thrust performance and can be easily disassembled for cleaning if necessary.These threaded-end nozzles can be used in conjunction with a 12” positionable hose by specifying our 1204EBSP Flexible Shaft Extension.


  • Threaded connection ideal for blow gun and manifold installations
  • Adjustable output flow and thrust of 3 – 21 oz-force
  • Airstream size of 5/8” at nozzle
  • Airstream size of 3 ½” at 12” from nozzle
  • Available in aluminum and stainless steel models

Technical specifications

Inlet Size Outside Diameter Thrust (Power) Air Concumption Weight
1/8" BSP (M) 17 mm 85 to 205 Gm at 305 mm 226 to 736 SLPM 31 g