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  • Convey small parts without motors or pumps
  • Save time with better blow off capability
  • Up to 25 times blow off power compared to compressed air alone
  • Reduce operating costs due to compressed air usage by up to 75%
  • Reduce noise levels by up to 70% compared to non-amplifying jets


  • Wide range of designs and force/thrust levels
  • Several suction and outlet options
  • Adjustable jets enable varying power/thrust levels for each application
  • Power/thrust levels ranging from 57 - 482 grams force
  • Air stream sizes at nozzle ranging from 5 - 25 mm
  • Low noise levels, ranging from 65 to 80 dBA.
  • Output thrust can be varied on all 901 units by changing or adding an internal shim. Larger shims give more blow off force. Contact Vortec for details.

Model 901BSPA: consumes 226 SLPM at 6.9 Bar.

Technical specifications

Application Thrust Power Suction Inlet Outlet Weight
Air Amplifier 170 Grams-f at 30 mm 34 mm 19 mm 70 g