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Air Amplifiers, or Round Transvectors®, deliver a large airflow for conveying, drying, cooling or ventilation. These high flow, compressed air volumes by 12 – 20 fold in ducted applications and up to 60 fold in unducted applications. They are especially useful for removing metal chips and scrap, ventilating fumes or smoke, and conveying small parts, pellets, powders and dust.

As a vacuum or blow-off device, air amplifiers are more compact and less expensive than variable-speed blowers and fans, provide instant on/off performance, and operate at low noise levels to meet OSHA requirements. Round Transvectors® are easily mounted and can be used in both ducted and unducted applications. They are available in several sizes, both aluminum and stainless steel and deliver flow rates from 900 to 65,000 SLPM.

902BSP: consumes 482 SLPM at 6.9 Bar.


  • Increase production rates by removing smoke, dust and debris
  • Improve quality through better weigh sorting of under-filled or underweight capsules and partsReduce compressed air usage vs open nozzles
  • Lower cost as compared to fans or blowers
  • Application mobility, compared to large fans and blowersImproved safety and eliminate shock hazards, with no moving parts, electricity or motors


  • Amplify compressed air volumes by 12 – 20 fold in ducted applications; and up to 60 fold in unducted applications
  • Adjustable airflow and output
  • Quiet – meets OSHA noise requirements
  • Easily mounted, ducted and moved
  • No electrical connections required at target
  • Instant on/off performance
  • Easily adapts for smoke and fume control, vacuum or blow off
  • Available in stainless steel and aluminum

Technical specifications

Throat Diameter Air Consumption Amplification Ducted Output Weight
20 mm 482 SLPM 12:1 5773 SLPM 318 g